Saturday, October 1, 2011


I guess I'll start off by posting some recent and not so recent projects. I'm hoping I can keep a record of all my custom works as well as what I'm doing creatively in my life on here. Maybe this blog will encourage me to do more. I keep hitting a wall with a commission illustration I'm working on. I really need to get a move on it because that money is going to help me out a lot this month and I don't want to keep this girl waiting. Frustration to the extreme. Here's what I've finished this week even though my sewing machine is totally fucked up. 

I really love making these chicken legs. I think I'm almost out of that fuzzy tan fabric which really blows because if I remember correctly, it's kind of expensive. This was the first time I used fleece for the bone. I usually use muslin but the fleece looks 10000x better and makes it more *plushie* like. 

I also made my nephew a birthday present which I will be delivering to Colorado in person a week from now!
Giant fleece bacon. I thought it would look good with my happy egg wall hanging. Anyway, Jacob REALLY loves bacon. More than any two year old should. I hope he doesn't try to eat it. I'm reasonably pleased with the results. I wish it didn't have that weird pointy part at each end. Honestly, I could have easily fixed that but I was tired and ready to finish the damn thing. 

I also made a pillow cover a couple of weeks ago out of some fabric used for table runners at my wedding. 

Riveting, I know. I have a ton of fabric from IKEA left over from the wedding. Probably enough for twenty-some-odd pillows. I will not be making that many pillow covers.

Are you asleep yet? I guess I'll just keep this post to sewing things I've done recently. If I start adding in drawings and paintings, it's going to get really, really long and my attention is waning. I'll just save those for next time.
bai bai!

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