Sunday, November 6, 2011


So I thought I didn't get any pictures of my last painting after I finished it... I was wrong! I forgot I took a few pictures right before framing it. I really wanted to get a framed picture but the buyer got to my house for purchase before I arrived home from work and I felt really bad so we rushed through the transaction. It's always awkward coming home from work and having semi-strangers at your house. Here's a finished picture of Cash & Tucker.
Cash & Tucker unframed
Rather blurry detail shot.
I'm not going to lie, this was a rush job. Considering I did all the painting in two days, I'm happy with the turnout. I usually take it slow with the painting. On the first day I spent about 6ish hours straight painting and had to call it quits when my hand started trembling. Kind of makes lining impossible. I framed it with a simple white frame and black matting. Oh matting.... I recently decided to buy a cheap mat cutter and after ruining two pieces of perfectly good mat board, I finally got the hang of it. And by got the hang of it, I mean Casey had to figure out we needed a lot of pressure to keep that damn mat in place while I cut. It involved him standing on a hole punch. 
In other news, the little fender bender I was in ended up totaling my car. After days and days of obsessive online shopping, fact reading, and test driving, I gave up and went with the cheapest/lowest mile used vehicle I could find. I pick up the little burnt orange thing tomorrow. Not crazy about driving a burnt orange vehicle but whatever. Speaking of orange, Halloween just passed. Every Thursday some friends of mine have a little get together called Champagne Thursday. We hosted it at our house the Thursday before Halloween and most people dressed up. I made my costume in about a day and a half. I finished it less than an hour before the party. Here are a couple of pictures from that shindig!
(All photos by Zack Huggins or at least using his camera.)
I was a fox. 
Brittney was a flying squirrel.
Casey didn't dress up but OBVIOUSLY had a great time.
All costumed attendees.
Hailey wearing a bat costume I made last year with Golly in his bat costume.

Tiny pies I made for the occasion.
So that was really fun. Those tiny pies were really delicious. My mom visited me a couple of weeks ago and gave me a bag of pears she'd picked with my grandma. I went off of this recipe from Cooking Creation. There were quite a few things I changed but that was the basis for it. Here's an up close shot I took right out of the oven.
I also just finished a cloud plushie pillow this week. Here she is and here's a link to the etsy listing :)
Sweet little blushie plushie.
I'm now working on a tomato slice pillow which is taking longer than I'd like. Hopefully I can finish it in a couple of days. New car tomorrow! Brittney's birthday Tuesday! This week could turn out alright. We'll see..