Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cash & Tucker sketch and a sprinkle of self-loathing.

Well, I finally finished one of three commission sketches I've been working on. After a mental block, Casey's transmission going out, a short trip (and long drive) to Colorado Springs, and last but not least, getting in a car accident yesterday, I'm glad to at least have this done. I'm still pretty pissed that I deformed my car. I started on a happy cloud pillow for a customer in NY and plan on getting supplies this week for a tomato slice pillow for a friend. SO, do you wanna see these pups? Ok, ok, here you go. 
Cash & Tucker Dominate at Croquet
Now everyone will see how extremely messy I am with my sketches. I usually start out on a 5x7 sketch pad and then copy what I've drawn so far to complete the drawing on regular paper. Later I'll shrink or expand it with a copier to fit it onto illustration board. Bigger sketch books are bulky. They also intimidate me. Stupid since I have several that are barely used. Also weird considering I used to paint giant canvases without even sketching first. Oh well, that Amy is long gone and won't ever return. Self-doubt came with age. 
I decided to put Cash & Tucker on a croquet field. Why? Because beagles and bassets seem like outdoorsy dogs. I mean... They're hounds. Anyway their owner, Meighan, said they usually just laze around the house so I couldn't make them too active. Once I started dressing them, croquet just seemed to fit. I'll admit part of the mental block was because I had no idea what kind of setting or attire to put them in. These types of dogs make me think of farms and hunting and I don't think that's what Meighan was looking for. Hopefully she approves of this choice.

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